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  • airport transfer
  • 5*/4* /3* Selected Hotel Accomodation
  • Countries Relais, Castles, Cottages, Farmhouses and Historic Houses** Accomodation
  • Coach Transport
  • Huge selection of Typical Taverns and Elegant Restaurants close to the main attraction
  • Gala Dinners in Exclusive Palace with music entertainments
  • Italian products tasting in Castles and Country Houses
  • Selected multilingual and highly professional & licensed guides specialized in unusual visits
  • Private guided excursions
  • Expert and well-trained Tour Escorts
  • Efficient booking system for monument and museums with no queue access
  • Sport activities and outdoor
  • Technical visits to major wineries of the area
  • Shopping to the nearest “ outlet “ rich in famous Italian brand
  • Italian cooking courses ( Pizza, homemade Pasta and Typical Italian cakes )
  • 24 hours assistance

** If you choose this kind of accommodation, we will be able to provide accommodation for groups in different Country Relais but in the same area. They are situated in places which are not far from each other and our shuttle buses will pick them up for the excursions.


Special Events


in the places of the province between Rome and Naples

Our travel agency focuses on the development of “ Ciociaria “ and the Comino Valley with the specific aim to make its places become popular. This will be possible thanks to our tourist experience in the field of organization of events that sees culture and entertainment as protagonists.

We can arrange alternative locations for all companies that need to organize annual events:

  • Convention/ Corporate Meeting
  • Congress
  • Sporting Events
  • Celebration / Anniversaries
  • Awards
  • Incentives

which may be associated with cultural (art exhibitions, literature, painting, photography), musical and theatrical events.

In this unusual frame you will have the chance to taste food and wine for a drink or break dinner (when  dinner is not required). Our catering is able to meet every need and has already been tested for the quality of food and professionalism.

You will experience extraordinary moments in unconventional places which will be included in our tourist routes at the end of a trip to thank your guests by leaving them an unforgettable memory.

We recommend a reservation to guarantee a proper organization of the events that will include:

  • Location ( Historic Residences, Abbeys and  Monasteries, Ecomuseum );
  • Guided Tours ( Available in different languages );
  • Catering (High quality food );
  • Flower arrangements, decorations, table linen ;
  • Artists ( classical music, jazz music, medieval music, theater, poetry, others )
  • Extra services available on request.

Our deep knowledge about our territory, the meticulous study of the services and the selection of our suppliers, show the reliance and seriousness that we are able to extend to all our commercial partners.

If you travel to Italy but wish to have an authentic experience of the medieval villages, ruined castles, places that inspired the film of neorealism as “ La Ciociara “ visit our services menu and let us take care about your tour!!!




Custom – made itineraries in Lazio,  with particular attention to the incredible area of southern Lazio ( DMC ). This is the province of Frosinone, a territory composed from two areas: the first one area is called ” Ciociaria “, the second one area is called ” Valle di Comino “. Geographically speaking this two areas consist of 91 municipalities. This is an incredible, unknown and mysterious territory all to be discovered crossed by four mountain ranges and the village are set in a landscape that is a succession of hills with the mountains in the background. By its very nature, this territory could not be visited neither in speed nor by big means of transport. This may represent that kind of slowness that keep us away from everyday life, so let us be involved with the rural world, countries, timeless and medieval villages and stunning landscape! We suggest something that we call a “ Total Leisure Experience© “; a program that will allow you to fully experience the beauty of the places, and that will be defined as a mixture of culture – leisure – free time – nature – religion sport activities and entertainment. Living Ciociaria & The Valley of Comino ( Southern Lazio ) is something really amazing ! More than many other provinces, southern Lazio, combines all concept of “ Living Culture “: looking for a truly unique experience of the places, rediscovering tradition and local resources. But how can you take advantage of this great opportunity?

  • By walking and riding through the beautiful nature and villages;
  • With the comfort of 9-15 seats coaches which may be useful for the excursions and transfer to \ from the airport;
  • Through outdoor sports activities such as trekking, MTB and Horse trekking;
  • By combining your stay with festivals and celebrations that are a source of interest and entertainment and still so alive and deeply felt by the people;
  • By combining your stay with a wellness stay in SPA resorts;
  • By staying in farms with this opportunity to taste fresh and genuine local products. Should this not be possible the best facilities with the best value for money will be provided as well as farms in the refreshments breaks along the routes will be included;
  • By combining educational courses for children and adults: herbal medication, photography, environmental education and educational farms;
  • By rediscovering old recipes, craftsmanship of pasta and homemade products and by tasting some of the best wines;
  • By rediscovering history, legends and mysteries;
  • By combining your stay with our musical and theatrical events in Historic Residences and Monasteries ( exclusive IN Bellator Frusino Copyright )
  • By providing local assistance, tour leaders, environmental guides and guided tours.

Our itineraries are suitable for you if:

  • You travel in Italy for the first time but you want to enjoy something different done combine with Rome, Florence, Naples and the sea! ( Pontine Islands, Coast of Ulysses, Amalfi Coast )
  • You are looking for a strategic position to visit the best as you can of Central Italy!
  • You travel in Italy for the second maybe the third time but you are looking for the authenticity and the suggestion of the Italian medieval villages and landscape!
  • You have Italian origins…maybe your parents or your grandparents they emigrated from this places and you want to rediscover your roots!