Geographically speaking the southern part of Lazio  consists of 91 municipalities. Most of them can be reached through country roads. This territory is crossed by 4 mountain ranges and the villages are set in a landscape that is a succession of hills with the mountains in the background. By its very nature, this territory could not be visited neither in speed  nor by big means of transport.This may represent that kind ofslowness that keeps us away from our everyday life in which stress, work and family commitments are included.

So , let us be involved with the rural world, countries, timeless villages and stunning landscapes, which can be experienced in their essence by reminding us of our roots, our history and our grandparents and great-grandparents.

But how can you take advantage of this great opportunity?

  • By walking and riding through the beautiful nature and villages;
  • With the comfort of 9-15 seats coaches which may be useful for the excursions and transfer to \ from the airport;
  • Through outdoor sports activities such as trekking, MTB and Horse trekking;
  • By combining your stay with cultural visits to archaeological castles and historic residences*(* exclusive in Bellator Agency Copyright);
  • By combining your stay with festivals and celebrations that are a source of interest and entertainment and still so alive and deeply felt by the people;
  • By staying in farms with this opportunity to taste fresh and genuine local products. Should this not be possible the best facilities with the best value for money will be provided as well as farms in the refreshments breaks along the routes will be included;
  • By rediscovering old recipes, craftsmanship of pasta and homemade products and by tasting some of the best wines
  • By rediscovering history, legends and mysteries;

Nature, Sport & Culture

Gustav Line:

Day trips and mini tour  through the places of the Battle of Montecassino, destroyed villages, traces and memory of one of the crucial moments in the history of the Second World War.

angelo fantozzi Linea gustav 2

Hiking of average and high difficulty in the mountains where the bloodiest battles between the Allies and the German troops were fought. A great emotion will come from the findings, workstations, military hospitals as well as from civilians hideouts.